Extinguishing Shadows Publish Date: 28 September 2023

When your destiny includes a vampire lover, a species-altering prophesy, AND a never-ending source of enemies intent on your destruction, it can be overwhelming. The clock’s ticking, and Mara needs to solve the riddle of her family’s death... or risk joining them.

Praise for Extinguishing Shadows....

"Original, eloquent, entertaining, laced through with dark romance and memorable characters, Extinguishing Shadows by novelist Heather Beal is a unique and reader compelling paranormal fantasy that provides a beautifully scripted story offering an engaging web of magic layered with intrigue and surprise." - Midwest Book Review

Extinguishing Shadows combines elements of fantasy and suspense, creating a page-turner that will captivate readers from start to finish.” -  Reader’s Favorite 5-star Review

“Extinguishing Shadows is a vivid, imaginative, paranormal adventure filled with action and romance…For fans of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, this would be a must read.” - Sublime Reviews

Extinguishing Shadows is an exciting paranormal fantasy novel for young adults that masterfully combines action, suspense, and supernatural aspects.” - SilverScreen Ticket Reviews

“Heather Beal’s Extinguishing Shadows is an accessible and fast-paced text planted firmly in an underworld of magical folklore and vampire fantasy that remains fresh with engaging characters and a consistent aura of adventure.” - IndieReader

Extinguishing Shadows is a thrilling new adult paranormal fantasy that successfully combines action, suspense, and supernatural elements…readers will find themselves eagerly turning the pages to uncover the secrets and mysteries hidden within.” - Hollywood Book Reviews

“Mara is running for her life, and finding out what her pursuers want with her is only the beginning … and if Mara is to succeed, she must first survive.” - Karen K. Brees, author of Crosswind

“A compelling story of rival factions, only Vampire and Viajante instead of Montagues and Capulets… I couldn't put it down!” - Lena Gibson, author of The Edge of Life and The Wish 

“From ancient prophesies to the mental bonding of two souls, Extinguishing Shadows is an interesting work of fiction which will likely appeal to those with an affinity for vampire stories and paranormal romance.” - Pacific Book Review

“A captivating, page-turner of story, Extinguishing Shadows is the tale of one woman’s bravery, even in the face of death… or worse.”  - KJ Fieler, author of Shadow Runner